About The Guild

The Friends Through Folk Art Guild started in 1994 when a small group of people, who met though Decorative Painting and Folk Art lessons, decided to form a more formal group to include all who had become friends, in one way or another, through decorative painting. The idea was to hold quarterly meetings, hold an annual sale and exhibition of decorative painting, an annual weekend away, with workshops in decorative painting, and to keep members in touch, with a quarterly newsletter.

"Arabian Sushi Plate" by Debra Bellamy

Well, the idea was so warmly welcomed, that before the first newsletter went out in November 1994, the membership stood at sixty! Initially, the group, which is based in southern Sydney, thought it would be a fun social thing to do. It seems that lots of decorative painters had the same idea, as our current membership stands at around five hundred. Members come from not only our local area, but state and Australia wide, along with overseas members making up our friendship group.

"Hat Box" By Ann Orr

The Friends Through Folk Art Guild has expanded with its growth and now holds bus trips to fun and interesting places, and we also give back to the community by holding a decorative painting Charity Day once a year for our chosen group. Throughout the years, and because of, or despite of its ever-growing circle, the Friends Through Folk Art Guild remains what it started out as a group that comes together to share its friendship through Decorative Painting and Folk Art.


"Heart" by Helen McGuirck for the Rod Keane competition - design by Jacquie McCardell

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"Painted Box" by Lee Purcell

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